Mr. Carey Christenberry (The Teacher Song)

from by DJ Super-Secret

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This track was written in 2008 about a real teacher I had in high school whose real name was Carey Christenberry. The rest of the details of the song are... mostly true :)


Mr. Carey Christenberry
You talk like a lady and you’re five feet tall
You tried your very best to teach us all Thoreau, oh...
Mr. Carey Christenberry
You told my mom at open house you loved my mind
I wish I’d read more of the books you assigned, ya know? Oh...

Would I be good at life and art, oh...
if you hadn’t told me I was smart
and set me apart?

Mr. Carey Christenberry,
You go to church but don’t believe a God exists
Only do it ‘cause your beautiful wife insists you go,
yeah we know
Mr. Carey Christenberry,
You could have had a column in a magazine,
But now your average reader is 17 or so, oh...

I wanted to be like you some day, oh...
Most of my friends thought you were gay
What does that say?

I guess I should have told you then,
Oh oh oh oh oh
‘Cause I won’t get that chance again
No oh oh oh-oh
You were weird, you were loud, you made me smile, you made me mad,
You were the best teacher I ever had,
so I hope you’re listening

Mr. Carey Christenberry
You made us write a piece about what we’d learned
I didn’t quite get it all on the paper I turned in though, no
Mr. Carey Christenberry
You may as well have taught me how to tie my shoes
Considering the frequency with which I use
The stuff I learned watching you blow a fuse...

Mr. Carey Christenberry, Mr. Carey Christenberry

I guess that’s all I had to say...
I still wanna be like you some day,
Mr. Christenberry


from The Super​-​Secret EP, released May 19, 2011



all rights reserved


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